With the variety of modern lenses available, most people are suitable for contact lens wear.

Even those who in the past have been told they were unsuitable for contact lenses may find that they can now wear them comfortably.

If you are having issues with your current lenses we may be able to help, there are so many new products available that we can find a lens more suited to your eyes.

We routinely fit Daily Disposable's, and lenses to correct for astigmatism. 

Recent developments in contact lens wear include monovision and multifocal contact lenses for those who need extra help with reading and would like an alternative to wearing varifocal spectacles.

Q.    Will they be uncomfortable?
A.    Modern contact lenses are very comfortable.
       As you read this there are 4.5 million people in the UK wearing lenses right now!

Q.    Will I be able to put them in and take them out? 
A.    In 25 years of practice we have never had a person who couldn't handle their contact lenses. We won't let you be the first! Seriously, although it will require a bit of practice, it is quite easy.

Q.    How quickly can I have them?
A.    We can normally fit most types of lenses within a week.
       We like to check the initial fit at the two to three week stage to make sure that it is right for you before we order a three or six month supply. It normally takes a further 8 days for people to build up their wearing time, so that they can wear them all day.

Q.    Can I change the colour of my eyes?
A.    Contact lenses are available in most shades, including blue, green, hazel, grey, violet and brown. 

Q.    Can anything go wrong? 
A.    There is an increased risk of developing an eye infection simply because you are putting something in your eye on a daily basis.  Simple hygiene, however, like washing your hands before handling your lenses and disposing of lenses and cases as directed, will reduce this small risk to a minimum. Good hygiene is explained to you as part of your initial fitting.

Q.    Are contacts good for sports and outdoor activities? 
A.    Contact lenses are suitable for most sports: all ball sports such as soccer and rugby, racquet sports like squash and tennis, athletics, horse-riding and if you must - playing golf in the rain! Hillwalkers and skiers benefit from the freedom that comes with wearing contacts. 

Q.    How do I get them? 
A.    Just book in to the practice asking for a contact lens appointment. 
We will give you an appointment in which we test your eyes and check that you are suitable (most         people are), and you can find out just how comfortable they are, learn how to put them in, and see for        yourself just how well you can see.  If you don't wish to go ahead with contacts - that's fine too!