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We are proud to be working along side Essilor, the leaders in Varifocal lens technology, and to have been a Varilux Lens Specialist for many years now.

We love supplying industry leading lens designs to help people maintain good sharp and effortless vision so their sight won't be a barrier keeping them from doing what they would like to do.


The first Varilux lens providing total visual freedom.

Varilux X series is the first Varilux lens to dramatically reduce head movement and ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for everyday activities within arm's reach and beyond. Varilux X series is the best Varilux ever designed.

Through Xtend technology X series removes the limitations normal varifocals put upon our near and intermediate vision dramatically reducing head movements so you don't have to find the 'sweet spot'.

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E series lenses have been specifically designed to reduce distortion making it easier to adapt to your new glasses so you can enjoy wearing them immediately.

Varifocals can take some getting used to. Wearers often get a ‘swim’ sensation when their eyes need to quickly change focus.

Varilux E Series lenses cut this effect by up to 50%, making it much easier to adapt to than other varifocals. They offer total comfort whatever the task, and precise clarity at any distance. You will instantly feel comfortable with E Series, as you can wear them for your daily routine and activities: driving, rushing to go to work, going downstairs, playing with your kids, reading, etc.


Natural light is essential to our well-being, however we should be aware that some light are harmful to our eyes. With increasing life expectancy and evolving lifestyles, our eyes are more exposed to harmful UV and blue-violet light, throughout our lives. Over time, harmful light can be a contributing factor of eye diseases.

We have made it our mission to protect everyone's eye from harmful light and this has been accomplished with our latest innovation, Eye Protect System™. It provides protection against both harmful UV rays and blue-violet light. Unlike other lenses, this innovation is delivered through aesthetically clear lenses

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Faster, Safer, Better

The original Transitions lens introduced people to the balance of wearing one pair of glasses for both outdoors and in. Today, Transitions lenses rapidly filter light with industry leading photochromic dyes whilst blocking 100% UVA/UVB rays.

Unlike sunglasses, which have a set tint, Transitions lenses are constantly adapting to your surrounding light conditions. The constant and smooth transition allow you to see well in all light conditions.

Transitions are also personalised to your style. No matter which glasses frame you choose, we can fit a transition lens. Transitions lenses are also suitable for any age including children.


Putting new lenses into your own frames.

We are more than happy to put new lenses into a frame that you are currently using or an older loved frame with your new prescription.

Normally this can be done but there may be occasion where the frame is too old/damaged for this to be viable

With any re-glaze the frame cannot be covered under a warranty and re-glazes are carried out at the patients risk.

If the frame does break the lenses will still need to be paid for.