Lens Personalisation

Those of you that have been into the practice at Uppingham in the last few months may have seen our new arrival, a fantastic tool for taking measurements of both you and the frame you are wearing. These measurements allow us to make your lenses perform as well as we can.

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Why should I choose personalised lenses?

Every eye is different, such as its shape, the way it moves, and it can differ from others by anything up to 30%. Just like you, your eyes are unique and they deserve to be treated as such.

Before now lenses didn’t account for this, so when you looked through any area except the central part of your lens, you would lose visual performance.

You can benefit from a three dimensional eye examination that takes into account how your eyes move. Now, wherever your eye moves, that section of the lens is individually optimised for them.

30 seconds to understand your eyes

It only takes 30 seconds to have the examination, which will result in your unique eye code.

Your lenses are produced using this unique code and you will experience all-round clarity like never before.

Instant vision without effort

You won’t need to adjust your posture, even when looking through the lens periphery. Eyecode lenses are as comfortable as a custom made sports shoe.

Low contrast images will be clearer, even when reading in dimly lit conditions.

Distortion or ‘swimming’ images will become a thing of the past, even during the most dynamic activities.

With eyecode lenses, your vision becomes immediately comfortable, highly contrasted and dynamic.

What are the benefits of personalised lenses?

·         We will perform 3D measurements tailored to the anatomy of your eye

·         Perfectly suited to your needs, regardless of age, prescription and frame

·         Your initials can be engraved onto the lenses

·         Takes into consideration your postural and visual behaviour – only available with Varilux Xclusive 4D


While we have not got the room at Yaxley for this equipment we do have a smaller hand held version to make sure your lenses are suited to you the best we can.

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Our refer a friend voucher offer is up and running!

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Of course pop in and pick one up from us!

Macusheild, the supplement for your eyes. £29.99 for 90!

MacuShield, a dietary supplement derived from the marigold flower (Tagetus Erecta) that combines the three macular carotenoids: Meso-Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

MacuShield was first manufactured in 2006 following the results of some interesting research into the role of three nutrients, Meso-zeaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. It was on this fact that the brand proudly states our slogan "Trust The Science". That ethos of research still continues today and we continue to invest in both the safety and stability trials on the product to ensure the underlying safety of the product and also in new areas of potential for these nutrients. 

There are 4 research centres worldwide which are dedicated to understanding these nutrients and identifying therapy areas where they can be used. There are now over 330 studies in this area.

We have stocked Macusheild from the day it was launched in the UK. Having spoken to many patients who have benefited from this we believe it is a great choice to help you protect your eyes.

Macusheild is normally in stock in boxes of 90 at both practices at £29.99 and at a great discount if purchased in bulk.

We can take orders over the phone on 01572 822920 or by email info@loveeyecare.co.uk and can post to you anywhere in the UK.


We are currently welcoming new NHS and private patients. Give us a try, you may be delightfully surprised!

Click on the image for our details

Click on the image for our details

Vinyl Factory

Like the music that constantly inspires it, the Vinyl Factory collection’s vintage eyewear offers all kinds of style to thrill you with pleasure… so listen to your heart, come on in and check out our creations.

Be warned, though you’re liable to be exposed to some powerful temptations in the form of stunningly elegant spectacles.

Max Factor

Max Factor Eyewear makes women look and feel glamorous.

This range completes the finishing touches to an iconic look with glamorous elements such as gold accents, the classic black and white details and colours inspired by Max Factor’s heritage make-up.